A Night With Upright Man

Nostalgic, edgy, and mellow. Up-and-coming New York City based band, Upright Man, embodies these qualities perfectly. On June 26th, 2017, Upright Man played BB King’s Jazz Bar in Times Square. The set was short, as they were the opening act, but the band left a lasting impression. It was quite impressive to see a band be comfortable and have such confidence while performing at such an early point in their career. The audience seemed to really enjoy the performance and appreciate what Upright Man brought to the stage. The set was about half an hour and they played five or six songs.  

Throughout the set, the band was extremely humble and grateful for the opportunity to perform and open for the headlining act, NRBQ. They were full of charisma and excitement, yet found balance with their mature sound. Overall, the performance brought the album to life by creating an atmosphere that entertained fans and new listeners alike. There were undertones of classic rock with waves of renewed rock in the mix. Influences of the 70’s and 80’s were evident in the music as well, with their own twist that gives Upright Man their own sound. The happy medium between the album's varied sounds makes it an enjoyable listen for any rock lover.  

Upright Man was able to do its album justice in their live performance. The album has strong roots in the alternative genre, specifically rock and some hints of more indie-folk influences. Their self titled track, which closed the set at BB King’s, resonated with the audience and left a lasting impression. Upright Man is definitely one of the strongest tracks on the album, in the sense that it embodies the album and band as a whole; it’s a bold song without being obnoxious. Upright Man showcases the instrumental and vocal talents of the band, along with several other tracks on the album such as Animal, which is one of my personal favorites. Many of the songs on the album stand out in their own ways and have a unique, indie rock vibe.  

Upright Man will be releasing their debut album on August 18th and are playing another show at B.B. King's on July 20th, make sure to give them a listen! 

Thumbnail by Sarah-Lourdes Abrahamsen

Article photography by Natalie Ulloa